Installing and Configuring System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Learn how to install and administrate SCCM within your network, step-by-step.

Course Description

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is the go-to tool for managing, deploying and securing applications and devices across an organization. This course will teach you how to install and administrate SCCM within your network, step-by-step. 

If you’ve made it to this page, chances are you’re not familiar with SCCM, or are at least unfamiliar with the latest version, and you need to upgrade your skills fast.

You’re either:

  • Already a Windows sysadmin who just had a newly installed SCCM server dropped into your lap, and now you have to figure out how to work it properly
  • An IT professional who’s recently been promoted into a role where “Congrats!” you’re now in charge of getting SCCM deployed for your entire organization (even though you have zero experience with it)
  • Working with a client and an SCCM install is part of your project scope, but you’ve never done it before
  • Experienced in SCCM 2012, but your organization has decided to move to a newer version of SCCM, and you need to know what’s changed and how the new features work
  • Or just simply an IT enthusiast looking to add another technical proficiency to your resume

Regardless of where you’re starting from, the consensus is in:

The worst thing you could possibly do is jump into an SCCM production environment without understanding how to use it. Hang around sysadmin forums long enough, and you’ll hear the horror stories of re-imaging 1,000s of machines incorrectly and burning your business’s infrastructure to the ground.

Thankfully, that type of “gloom and doom” is incredibly rare. But the point remains: you need to find some effective SCCM training to get you up to speed before you jump in.

The problem is, most SCCM courses and books do more talking than showing, leaving you with a rough idea of what SCCM can do and how to use it… But mostly just half asleep at your desk, and still confused when you go to actually implement it.  

We did something different.

With System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) For Beginners we’ve built the entire course around establishing a working test lab on your laptop and walking you through a real, functioning ConfigMgr environment.

Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of SCCM as quickly and painlessly as possible, so that you can walk away from this course with the ability to deploy and administrate SCCM as soon as you’re done.

What skills will I learn?

  • Install and configure SCCM from the ground up including downloading and installing the latest SCCM, SQL, and all of the necessary server roles and schema
  • Use the Configuration Manager Console, including managing users, creating boundary groups, and user discovery methods.
  • Create and push out applications to the Windows PCs on your network to the appropriate users (plus how to monitor whether it’s progress and any errors that pop up)
  • Deploy an Operating System to a machine on your network, without worrying about making an “OMG what did I do?” type mistake
  • Integrate Endpoint Protection with SCCM to prevent network security threats and keep your users safe
  • Update Configuration Manager to the latest version.
  • Administrate the latest version of SCCM like a pro!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started with this Course

• 26min

0 / 3 lessons complete

System Center Configuration Manager - Features and Capibilities

• 31min

0 / 5 lessons complete

SCCM 1902 Lab Setup

• 51min

0 / 12 lessons complete

Installing SCCM 1902 Installation

• 1hr 32min

0 / 11 lessons complete

Configuration Manager Basics

• 1hr 58min

0 / 8 lessons complete

Updating SCCM

• 30min

0 / 7 lessons complete

SCCM Client Installation

• 46min

0 / 4 lessons complete

User and Device Collections

• 1hr 6min

0 / 13 lessons complete

Application Management

• 2hr 34min

0 / 12 lessons complete

Operating System Deployment

• 23min

0 / 7 lessons complete

Endpoint Protection

• 1hr 11min

0 / 10 lessons complete


• 37min

0 / 4 lessons complete

Problems and Solutions from the Message Board

• 14min

0 / 5 lessons complete

What labs will I complete?

IT labs allow you to get hands-on experience so you can learn by doing. This is much more effective than simply watching videos and taking quizzes. Listed below are all the hands-on IT labs you will complete in this course.

You can learn more about our IT labs by clicking here.

About your instructors

paul hill

Paul Hill

Expert IT Instructor

Paul is an IT Professional with over 14 years of experience currently working as a Network Administrator in contract support of various Federal Agencies in the United States.

He has been teaching online courses for the past 5 years and taught over 250k students in 195 countries.

Robert Hill

Expert IT Instructor

Robert has worked in the IT field for more than 30 years primarily in support of the US Government. Robert's experience ranges from Windows Server, various server hardware and networking. Robert is an MCSA, MCP and CNE Novell Netware certified.

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Installing and Configuring System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

Free lessons:

SCCM Configuration Manager Overview
Prerequisites in a Production Environment
Creating the System Management Container
Extending the Active Directory Schema
Preparing for Client Installations with Group Policy
Client Push Installation
Creating Include/Exclude Collections
Application Management Overview
Uninstalling an Application
Adding an Operating System to Configuration Manager
Creating a Task Sequence
Endpoint Protection Policy Overview

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