Installing and Configuring Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Setup your lab, Install WSUS, administrate your WSUS server and clients, learn WSUS troubleshooting and MUCH more...

Course Description

Software updates are of utmost importance in the world of Windows Server. Windows Server Update Services will help you keep your software up-to-date consistently!

This course will teach you how to set up your lab, install WSUS, administrate WSUS Server and clients, and troubleshoot the server and the client. You’ll learn how to install and administrate a Windows Server Updates Services (WSUS) server without getting bored with the useless theory and fluff that’s found in most certification study guides, college classes and other online courses.

Too many people are studying books and learning endless IT theory but are still unable to find a job or get that promotion because they lack hands-on experience. This course will give you the practical, on-the-job experience you need to add these skills to your resume and achieve your career goals.

By the end of this course you will be able to create a WSUS lab (including a Windows Domain), install and configure WSUS, configure WSUS clients, approve and manage domain updates, administrate WSUS in disconnected / secure environments, troubleshoot WSUS and MUCH more!

The ideal student for this course is anyone who wants to learn how to deploy and administrate a WSUS server, or anyone who wants to get a promotion or an IT job. We’re excited to see you inside the course!

What skills will I learn?

  • Learn Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Administration from Basic to Advanced
  • Learn to install and configure WSUS
  • Setup a Windows Server 2016 Lab (including a Windows Domain)!
  • Learn how to approve Windows Updates in WSUS
  • Learn how to move your WSUS content to another drive or location
  • Configure WSUS Clients not in your Active Directory Domain
  • Quickly and easily configure WSUS Clients with Group Policy
  • Build Upstream and Downstream WSUS Servers
  • How to manage WSUS in offline/disconnected environments
  • WSUS Troubleshooting

Course Curriculum


• 4min

0 / 1 lessons complete

Optional Lab Setup

• 44min

0 / 5 lessons complete

Installation and Configuring WSUS (Windows Server Update Services)

• 1hr 36min

0 / 5 lessons complete

How to use WSUS

• 46min

0 / 4 lessons complete

WSUS Troubleshooting

• 11min

0 / 4 lessons complete

Advanced WSUS Administration

• 57min

0 / 4 lessons complete

Course Conclusion

• 1min

0 / 1 lessons complete

What labs will I complete?

IT labs allow you to get hands-on experience so you can learn by doing. This is much more effective than simply watching videos and taking quizzes. Listed below are all the hands-on IT labs you will complete in this course.

You can learn more about our IT labs by clicking here.

About your instructor

paul hill

Paul Hill

Expert IT Instructor

Paul is an IT Professional with over 14 years of experience currently working as a Network Administrator in contract support of various Federal Agencies in the United States.

He has been teaching online courses for the past 5 years and taught over 250k students in 195 countries.

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Installing and Configuring Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Free lessons:

What is WSUS
Downloading Required Software
Installing VirtualBox and Creating Our VMS and Virtual Network
Installing Windows Server Part 1 and 2
Installing The WSUS Role
WSUS Server Cleanup Wizard

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