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Frequently asked questions

What makes this different from other IT training platforms?

Other courses just teach you the theory and provide you with "information". We go several steps further and provide you with job-equivalent practical experience that will help you both land and perform an IT job. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You simply register, use the training platform until you are done learning and practicing, then cancel at your convenience.

There is no long-term commitment or contact required - you are free to cancel any time you want.

You can easily cancel your account in two steps as shown in the image below:

Cancel Account

What if I want a refund?

You can request a full refund within 30 days of enrolling in any pricing plan. Use the contact page to request a refund and we will issue your refund within 5-7 business days.

How do the IT labs work?

The IT labs are launched on-demand and through your web browser using HTML5 RDP. You don't need a high-powered computer to run them...only a modern web browser!

Can I use my own IT lab?

Yes! Most likely you will want to use both your IT lab and our online IT labs.

If you have your own IT lab you can use our IT labs as a staging environment and use them test out dangerous procedures like modifying the AD schema before attempting it in your own IT lab or production network.

We would recommend having an IT lab like the following shown below:

  • 1x SADC01 (, AD DS installed and configured)
  • 1x SAMS01 (, joined to AD domain)
  • 1x SAWS01 (, joined to AD domain)

How is this different than just getting my Microsoft Certs?

You may decide to go out and get a certificate or two… and that’s great!

But when you get to the interview, and the hiring manager asks about your experience actually installing or administering Windows Server…

All you can do is say “no,” along with the hundreds of other nameless, faceless candidates out there who have the same exact certification.

In our world, they’re a dime a dozen.

Direct, hands-on experience, on the other hand…

Now that’s something that will raise some serious eyebrows!

Do I need to also have a college degree?

College spends a lot of time teaching theory while the Windows Admin Bootcamp focuses on the skills that are not taught in college (building and administering a Windows Network).

A degree is a great addition to your resume when you combine it with any practical experience like what you will get in the Windows Admin Bootcamp!

Will this help me land a Windows Admin position?

Now, yes there’s more to landing your IT dream job than just showing that you can set up a new server and clone a few virtual machines.

You need to have a strong network.

You need to be in conversations with recruiters at companies you admire.

And you need to be comfortable and confident enough to speak with hiring managers for positions that might seems slightly out of your comfort zone.

But none of that works if you don't have the experience and confidence to do the work.

And Windows Admin Bootcamp is designed to get you there in the shortest possible period of time.

What I’ve done is pull together all of the top skills you’ll need to demonstrate that competence and do your job like a pro…

And put them into an easy-to-learn format that you can go through on your own schedule… away from the hectic firefighting at work, fully on your own time so that you can focus and work on mastering your knowledge of these key areas of competence.