Installing and Configuring Windows Server

Install Windows Server 2016, configure Server Baselines, understand Licensing, Server Core, Upgrades and much more!

Course Description

Learn how to install and configure the Windows Server operating system.

What skills will I learn?

  • Download Windows Server 2016
  • Install and Configure Windows Server 2016 Desktop Experience and Core
  • Install Server Roles and Features on Windows Server Desktop and Core
  • Upgrade and migrate Windows Server
  • Manage Windows Server storage
  • Create and manage Windows Server backups

Course Curriculum

Course Introduction

• 1min

0 / 1 lessons complete

Downloading and Installing Windows Server

• 1hr 11min

0 / 9 lessons complete

Roles and Features

• 1hr 18min

0 / 6 lessons complete

Upgrading and Migrating Windows Server

• 1hr 0min

0 / 6 lessons complete

Windows Server Storage Solutions

• 1hr 11min

0 / 8 lessons complete

Windows Server Backup

• 47min

0 / 7 lessons complete

Course Conclusion

• 1min

0 / 1 lessons complete

What labs will I complete?

IT labs allow you to get hands-on experience so you can learn by doing. This is much more effective than simply watching videos and taking quizzes. Listed below are all the hands-on IT labs you will complete in this course.

You can learn more about our IT labs by clicking here.

About your instructor

paul hill

Paul Hill

Expert IT Instructor

Paul is an IT Professional with over 14 years of experience currently working as a Network Administrator in contract support of various Federal Agencies in the United States.

He has been teaching online courses for the past 5 years and taught over 250k students in 195 countries.

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Installing and Configuring Windows Server

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Configuring Windows Server Desktop Experience
Configure Windows Server Core

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