Installing ADK 1903

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  • Now we need to install the ADK 1903 and Windows PE on our SCCM server. 


  • Let’s start by launching the adksetup_1903.exe installer file.
  • Click Next and then decide whether or not you want to send anonymous usage data to Microsoft then click Next
  • Click Accept on the license terms...
  • Uncheck all the selections except Deployment Tools and User State Migration Tool (USMT) and click Install.
  • The Deployment Tools include DISM, WinPE. These tools are used for capturing servicing and deploying boot images and operating systems.
  • USMT – is used for backup and restoring user state and data from one computer to another. 
  • Then click install.
  • Click Close when the installation is complete.
  • Next launch the adkwinpesetup_1903.exe installation:
  • This will be the exact same process as before. Click Next until you get to the install page
  • Then select the features that you want. And by default, we will select the Windows Preinstallation Environment 
  • Then click Install.
  • This will take a couple of minutes so go ahead and stop the video.
  • Click Close when the installation is complete.

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