What are IT labs?

IT labs, or Information Technology labs, are specialized environments designed for experimenting with, learning, and developing IT-related projects and solutions without fear of damaging a production network.

They provide a controlled setting where individuals or teams can engage with advanced technology, software, and hardware. IT Labs often feature high-performance computers, networking equipment, and various software tools, fostering an ideal space for hands-on training, troubleshooting, and innovation in IT.

Server Academy provides all of our students with Hands-on labs that run directly in your web browser so you can get started using IT labs within a few minutes of creating an account.

Our IT labs will get you work-equivalent experience. You'll be installing, configuring and deploying Windows Server in real life.

IT Labs
Server Academy's IT Labs

Server Academy's IT Labs

Ic Real Sandbox

Real IT sandboxes

These aren't simulations, it's the real deal. You will log into real servers on real networks!

Ic Preconfigured Labs

Beginner to Expert Labs

You will be launching pre-configured IT labs designed for your current level of expertise!

Ic Inbrowser Rdp

In-browser RDP

You will RDP (remote desktop protocol) into our Windows and Linux Servers from your browser!

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Server Academy's IT Labs

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