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In addition to getting support from our human instructors, you’re now able to get real-time help from Archer - our AI Instructor! Archer is fully trained on each lesson and can see and understand your individual IT Lab sessions as well. Archer AI is now available on our Full-Access plan.

I'm Archer, your AI instructor! Do you have any questions about the Updating and Configuring needrestart lesson?
Yes, why do I need to configure needrestart for this lesson?
Configuring needrestart is a part of the lesson as it ensures your server automatically restarts services after updates, maintaining security and performance without manual effort.
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Chat with Archer directly in our Labs!

Our Linux and DevOps labs include Archer, our AI Instructor. He can see inside your Lab, run diagnostic commands, and can intelligently guide you through each step in the lab.

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Available on ALL Lessons

Archer is accessible on all lessons and is ready to answer any questions you may have.

This allows us to provide a more personalized experience since every student will have different questions on each lesson.

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We still have human Instructors

Archer is a supplement, not a replacement

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Don’t worry - we aren’t replacing our human instructors with AI. Archer simply supplements your learning experience by quickly providing real-time, personalized answers to your unique questions.

If you still have questions, you can chat with our instructors in the Q/A section!

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