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What is Windows Server Backup

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In this lecture, you’ll be introduced to Windows Server Backup.

Windows Server Backup is a feature that comes with Windows Server when your version of Windows Server is 2008 or newer.

It replaced the old ntbackup that was used in older versions of Windows Server. 

It allows you to easily create one-time or scheduled server backups.

You can restore Windows to different hardware if required.

So, let’s say you had a set of physical Dell Servers and you got a new set of physical HP Servers and you wanted to move your installation from the Dell to the HP Servers, you can do that with the Windows Server Backup.

You can also easily recover volumes if corruption occurs and you are taking backups with Windows Server Backup.

Now, let’s talk a little bit more about the capabilities of Windows Server Backups.

You can do a full server backup which means bare metal if needed, and that’s when the server won't start and you need to recover everything.

You can recover the system state which would be the registry of system files.

You can recover specifically Storage Volumes as we’ve discussed in the previous slide.

And, you can backup specific files and specific folders.

So, Windows Server Backup is a feature that allows you to backup your entire server or just a subset of files if you would like.

So that is your introduction to Windows Server Backup.

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