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In this lecture, we are going to see how to configure Windows Server Core.

On a recently installed Windows Server Core press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to enter the administrator password that we created when we installed the operating system and press Enter.

Once logged in we see the Command Prompt console as the main screen.

You can basically run all the commands that you execute on a command prompt window like ipconfig, ping, and type powershell to get a PowerShell prompt.

Type powershell and press Enter.

The first thing we are going to do is set the resolution with the command Set-DisplayResolution -Width 1280 -Height 720 and press Enter.

If we want to get out of PowerShell we can type exit and press Enter.

Now, when we configure a Windows Server Core we use sconfig. Type sconfig and press Enter.

This allows us to easily configure the system. We can configure basic options of our Windows Server Core in a friendly user interface.

Let’s configure the Network Settings by typing the number 8 and pressing Enter.

Select the Network Adapter Index by typing the number 0 and pressing Enter.

Now, I can configure the Network Adapter Settings.

(1) Type the number 1 to select that option by pressing Enter.

(2) Type S for static and press Enter.

(3) Type and press Enter.

(4) Press Enter to accept the Default Subnet Mask.

(5) Type the Default Gateway and press Enter.

We have a summary of the options we have configured and we are brought back to the menu for more Network Adapter Settings to configure.

Now, we are going to choose option 2 to Set DNS Servers. Type the number 2 and press Enter.

Type and press Enter.

Click on OK on the Confirmation box.

We can leave the rest at the default option for now.

Type the number 4 to return to the main menu again and press Enter.

Now, we will change the computer name so type number 2 and press Enter.

Type the new computer name SC01 and press Enter and No on the confirmation to reboot.

Now back to the menu, if we don’t have any other change to be made we can restart the server from the menu. Type number 13 and press Enter. 

On the popup message click Yes.

Configuring the server core can be much faster than using the graphical user interface. Windows Server Core is lightweight and easier and faster to get around.

That’s how you configure a Windows Server Core using sconfig.

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