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Course Introduction

• 2min

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Downloading and Installing Windows Server

• 1hr 11min

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Roles and Features

• 1hr 18min

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Upgrading and Migrating Windows Server

• 1hr 0min

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Windows Server Storage Solutions

• 1hr 3min

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Windows Server Backup

• 47min

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Course Conclusion

• 2min

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Lab: Install Windows Server 2016 (Server Core)

Saving Progress...

In this hands-on IT lab you will install and configure Windows Server 2016 Core.

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Points: 216
4 months ago

This lab was broken. Couldn’t enter password.

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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Power Student
Points: 40523
Reply to  martinm4
4 months ago

Hi profile avatar Martin Mawhorter

Can you explain what was the problem that you were not able to enter the password? The lab interface might be tricky when trying to enter CTRL + ALT +Del so you can use the shortcuts from the upper left corner of the lab interface if you need. Also, when the installation of the operating system asks for the administrator password you type Pa$$w0rd (with a cero as an o).