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Downloading and Installing Windows Server

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Roles and Features

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Upgrading and Migrating Windows Server

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Windows Server Storage Solutions

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Windows Server Backup

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Course Conclusion

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Section Overview

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Welcome to the Windows Server Roles and Features Section Overview.

In this section you are going to be learning about Windows Server Roles and Features, what they are and how they are used before you learn how to install Windows Server Roles and Features, both on the Desktop Experience through the Graphical User Interface, or the GUI, and on Server Core with PowerShell.

Now, keep in mind anytime you learn how to do something on Server Core through PowerShell you can also complete the same steps on PowerShell and the Desktop Experience if you click the Start button and launch the PowerShell command line.

Next, you are going to have a Section Quiz and we are going to wrap up this section by having you complete a series of labs to install a particular Server Role and Feature on both the Desktop Experience and the Server Core.

So again, in this section, we are going to have two separate labs that you will need to complete so that you really get this practice and understand how to manage and add Roles and Features on Windows Server.

So that’s it for this Section Overview. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

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