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In this lecture, I want to talk to you about the WSUS server cleanup wizard.

The WSUS cleanup wizard is integrated right under the WSUS console under Options. Scrolling down we will see Server Cleanup Wizard.

We can see from the description that You can use server cleanup to free up old computers, updates and update files from your server.

This is not complicated or difficult to execute but I wanted to cover it in the course because I wanted you to be aware that this wizard exists.

Click on the link and let’s learn about it.

We can see options for what we would like to clean up in WSUS:

  • Unused updates and update revisions
  • Computers not contacting the server
  • Unneeded update files
  • Expired updates
  • Superseded updates

We are going to leave everything checked and we click on Next to continue.

The wizard will go through all the things we chose previously. We just need for the wizard to complete. This depends on how big our environment is. Give it some minutes to finish.

When the process completes we will have a summary of the actions performed. Click FInish.

That’s all we need to do to run the cleanup wizard. You can run it every 4 or 6 months depending on how big your environment is.

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Matthew Stricker(@matthews4)
1 year ago

Does it matter which order of the options you use to clean up the WSUS server? Some people say that, for example, you should run just the cleanup of the machines not communicating before you remove unused updates. Does it make a difference?