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Windows Update Agent Result Codes Reference


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In this lecture, I want you to be aware of the Windows Update Agent Result Codes.

In case you run into an error with the Windows Update Agent or the WUA you will get an error that looks like this 0x80240003. It can be frustrating when you see those errors. You can google them but in case you need a reference you can check in Microsoft Docs. It might get updated, deleted or it can be changed without notice.

If you get these types of errors you can come to this page and search for that result code to find out exactly what the error is so you can troubleshoot the issue.

I hope this helps you out when troubleshooting WUA error codes.


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profile avatar
3 months ago

Afternoon, I do not have the “Windows Update Agent Result Codes” pdf. Can you please help with this issue?

profile avatar
Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Reply to  dewitsc
3 months ago

Hi profile avatar Dewits Cham

The pdf Paul is referring to was a download as pdf from the following link:
We used to have it as a download but found it is more up to date on the link.