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Text Based Console Part 2 – An Overview

Saving Progress...

Let go ahead and fire up PowerShell, right click, click properties. 

In the last lecture I demonstrated Command History and Quick edit mode. As you can see by default all these options have been checked, I won’t go over each option. If you want to know more checkout the documentation, I have descriptions for each option.


  • Font size – As you can see whenever I make changes in the Font size these changes are reflected in the preview windows.

So why is it important to choose the right Font size? PowerShell could display your information to the right or to the bottom of your desktop. If you choose the wrong font size PowerShell could display your information past the desktop and you may not see that information. 

I chose a font size of 16, and I like Lucida Console font and I also choose bold fonts, which is better for presentation purposes. You can choose whatever font you like, it’s your choice.

Layout – Allows you to choose the screen buffer size, windows size and window position.

  • Screen Buffer Size (changes memory allocated to desktop)

Width (should match Width on the Windows size

Height – Set to about 3000. Which is compatible with most monitors. 

Colors -   Here you can choose your text and background colors (We chose the default values)

  • The easiest way to configure color is to first choose a category. Here you can see that we have selected “Screen Background”. You can select your color Values 

Or you can come down here to the color bar, then choose whatever you like. You can see that this will be reflected in the preview windows. 

Demonstrate Tab completion 

  • Type get-Pro, then press the Tab key. As you can see, TAB completion completed the command. 
  • Type get-Even, then press the TAB key.

PowerShell cycles through commands.                

Pressing the Tab moves through the commands forward and shift-tab cycles the commands backwards.

  • Let’s try another command. 

Type get-ser, press the Tab key

TAB completion fills in the word service. 

Press Return – What is displayed is all the services that are running on this Windows 10 machine.

Now let’s highlight the service BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) 

Press Return, then click the up arrow. Click the space bar then click hyphen then press the TAB key, -name (name is a parameter) Now we want the name of the service which is BITS. Press the spacebar then type BI, then press the TAB key, press return.

As you can see the status of this service is stopped.

  • How would you think we would start this service?

Type start-service, (space), type hyphen, then press the TAB key 

-name (space) type BI, press the TAB key, now press return

Now type get-service (space) type hyphen press TAB key, press space bar, type BI, press the TAB key. Press enter. As you can see the status says that the BITS service is running. 

That was just a quick demo of TAB completion and the Text based console.

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