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Getting Help and Finding Commands

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PowerShell Command Syntax

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The PowerShell Pipeline

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Getting Help and Finding Commands Part 3

Saving Progress...

  • Let's find some more commands. This time we'll get help using wildcards

A is a symbol in this case an asterisk used to represent one or more characters. We can use a wild card for the broadest searches possible.

  • Go ahead and type help, space, asterisk type service asterisk now press return. And there's all the commands with service as a noun. 

What we’re gonna do is copy and paste a couple of these commands. Let's go ahead and choose one of these. We're going to get-help on stop-service. Ok, so ctrl-c, now type get-help press return space. Now control-v, ok space and if you want examples just type ex and press return and return again. And there's our command. Get-help stop-service -examples. And there’s are the examples so we can learn how to use this command. Ok, cls, go on to another one. 

  • And this time we'll type get-help ok, and space, asterisk, and type process, asterisk, now press return and there's all our commands with process in it. 
  • And the let's go ahead and pick a command this time we'll pick start-process. Okay. Ctrl-C and type get-help.
  • Now we're going to get-help on get-process, space, ctrl-v. Now we are examples because we want to learn how to use this command, type ex. Okay, press return, and there's our command with all our examples. Okay, wonderful. Cls to clear screen.
  • Okay now, this time we're going to type get-help, ok and type space, asterisk log, asterisk. Now press return. Now let’s take a look at all the log files on the computer. Okay, and this time we're going to highlight Clear-eventlog okay that's what I want. Clear-event log, okay ctrl-c, let's go ahead and get some help on clear-eventlog. Right, We're going to type get-help again, space ctrl-v. And let's get our examples again. Get some help on clear-eventlog. Okay. There's our command get-help clear-eventlog with examples. And here are the examples, so that we can learn how to run this command.
  • Okay, a couple more here. Clear screen cls. This time just type help, space get-a and asterisk, now hit return. 
  • Let's try one more. This time type get-command, okay, press return, and we'll choose -name, okay and then press a, then asterisk, then go ahead and return. 
  • PowerShell cycles through all the commands that begin with begin with an a, ok. Look at all those commands.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next lecture.

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