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Q8: Using properties of get-timezone, get the current time zone where you live.


  • First, we need to find the correct command 
  • Type get-command *timezone*
  • The command we need is Get-Timezone
  • To get the property of get-timezone
  • Type get-timezone | gm
  • In the list there is a property called DayLightName. Let’s try that one.

I’ll type out the command then explain what I did.

  • To use a property of an object, Place the cmdlet name in parenthesis, then type a dot (.), then the property name and press return
  • And there’s our time zone Eastern Daylight Time

Q9: Using the properties from get-wmiobject, let’s get the bios version of your computer.


  • Type get-wmiobject win32_bios | gm
  • BTW Win32_BIOS 
  • Is a WMI class that represents the attributes of the computer system's basic input/output services or BIOS. Press return
  • Displayed are all the properties. We will use BIOSv ersion
  • Type cls - return
  • Type (get-wmiobject win32_bios).biosversion press return

And displayed is the bios version of my computer

I hope you enjoyed this section of questions and answers. 

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