Administration and Automation with Windows PowerShell


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Course Introduction

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Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

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Getting Help and Finding Commands

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PowerShell Command Syntax

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PowerShell Objects and Properties

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The PowerShell Pipeline

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PowerShell Providers

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PowerShell Arrays and Variables

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PowerShell Loops

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PowerShell Conditional Statements

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On Premises Lab Setup

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Basic Domain Administration with Windows PowerShell

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Send Emails with PowerShell

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PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Basics

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Course Conclusion

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Help System LAB Questions

Now we're going to put to work the things we've learned about the health system. 

• Question 1

We're going to run get-service okay press return and let's go ahead and scroll up. Now we want to pick a service that is currently running okay. And after you find a service that is currently running you're going to want to get the dependent services of the service that you have chosen. 

• Question 2

Lists all the logs that are on the computer go ahead and type that and get-eventlog -list you've already seen this. Now get the 20 most recent entries from the system log. 

• Question 3

The get-command, command gets all the commands on a computer. In this question, we want to get all the commands of all types. 

• Question 4

From the root of your C drive, create a folder, called content. Go ahead and open notepad, create a text file. Add a few lines and save it to your content directory and name it, test.text use the get-content command to get the contents of your text file and display it to the console. 

• Question 5

clear-history from the console pane type the command. Get-history. Displayed are all the commands that you have typed into PowerShell. Go ahead and use the clear-history command and only delete the first scroll up there delete the first and the last command that you've typed in the PowerShell. Now delete all the remaining commands. 

• Question 6

Using the get-alias command, how can you figure out the alias for get-service? 

• Question 7

How would you start and stop the bit service and see the result. 

• Question 8

How would you display the installed version of PowerShell? 

• Question 9

How would you count the number of aliases in the current session. Here's a hint. You may have to count and measure. Use the get-command *measure* to find the correct command. 

Go ahead and check out the answer video at the end of the section to make sure all your answers are correct.

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