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Course Introduction

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Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

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Getting Help and Finding Commands

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PowerShell Command Syntax

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PowerShell Objects and Properties

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The PowerShell Pipeline

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PowerShell Providers

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PowerShell Arrays and Variables

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PowerShell Loops

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PowerShell Conditional Statements

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On Premises Lab Setup

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Basic Domain Administration with Windows PowerShell

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Send Emails with PowerShell

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PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) Basics

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Course Conclusion

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Should You Watch This Section?

Saving Progress...

In this lecture, I want to talk to you about whether or not you should watch this section.

Now, this section is not for everybody. I designed this specifically for those of you who do not have access to a production network or a test Windows Server operating system or a Domain environment whatever you want to call it. 

Basically, for those of you who want to set up your own lab so you can get some hands-on experience. Now, this is great for those of you who are at work and have access to a powerful virtualized host, and you can build your own domain.

This could be useful to you, but if you already have access to Server 2019 you don’t need to set it up on your own or you don’t want to, and you probably don’t need to watch this section.

We are going to cover some things that will be important for you to understand through the rest of the course in order to take this course successfully.

There are going to be some skills in this section that you are going to need but if you are only trying to learn about Windows Server 2019, and you don’t care about anything else you could probably skip over this section.

But let’s go ahead and make sure that you understand everything that I am going to teach you first. So, I am going to talk to you or teach you about server and network virtualization.

We are going to learn how to download Windows Server 2019. Sound simple, Microsoft is always changing the URL, so, by the time I show you the download pages it will probably change by the time you see it, seems like every other week or every other month they are changing it so I am going to show you how to reliably find it.

We are also going to download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox. Now, you can use any virtualization technology you have or you want. If you are at work and you use Hyper-V, by all means, use Hyper-V. If you want to use VMWare ESXi or any other virtualization technology it does not matter at all. I just use VirtualBox because it allows my friends that are on Mac and Linux to follow along the course just as easily as the Windows users.

Now, we are also going to learn how to create Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks. This is going to come in very handy when I am having you create multiple Domain Controllers or different update services servers or different things like that.

So, these are skills you are going to need for this course but are not specifically all geared around Windows Server 2019.

Alright, based on that information you should be able to decide now whether you want to watch this section or not. If you don’t that’s cool, and if you do I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture.

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