Active Directory & Identity with Windows Server


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Course Introduction

• 2min

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Getting Started with Active Directory Domain Services

• 52min

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Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers

• 1hr 24min

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Adding a Second Domain Controller

• 1hr 31min

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Active Directory Backups

• 1hr 24min

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How to Administrate Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

• 1hr 58min

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Administrating AD SS (Active Directory Sites and Services)

• 1hr 3min

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Active Directory Trusts

• 54min

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Modifying the Active Directory Schema

• 43min

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Course Conclusion

• 2min

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Section Overview

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This section will help you get started with Active Directory. You will start by installing Active Directory and promoting your first domain controller and building a Windows Domain.

By the end of this section, you will be able to successfully complete the following tasks:

  • Install the Active Directory Domain Services Role
  • Promote a server to a domain controller
  • Build a new Active Directory Domain and Forest

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