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Active Directory Trusts

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Forests, Trees and Domains


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Windows Domain

  • A collection of objects that represent real assets
  • Logical administrative unit that represents:
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Computers
    • Other Objects

Windows tree

  • Collection of domains that share a root domain
  • Have a contiguous namespace
  • Domain.com

Windows Forest

  • A Forest is one or more domains or domain trees which do not share a contiguous namespace
    • Domain.com
    • Domainb.com
  • BUT, these domains:
    • Share a common schema
    • Have a two-way trust established
  • Windows Forests are always present – even if there are no Trees
  • A forest contains ONE or more domains

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Nathaniel Lawson(@nathaniel-lawson)
8 months ago

Are the videos down?

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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Reply to  Nathaniel Lawson
8 months ago

Hi profile avatar Nathaniel Lawson

Thanks for letting us know. We will be checking.


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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Reply to  Nathaniel Lawson
8 months ago

The issue was identified and resolved, and the videos are working again.