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Course Introduction

• 2min

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Getting Started with Active Directory Domain Services

• 52min

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Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers

• 1hr 24min

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Adding a Second Domain Controller

• 1hr 31min

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Active Directory Backups

• 1hr 24min

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How to Administrate Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

• 1hr 58min

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Administrating AD SS (Active Directory Sites and Services)

• 1hr 3min

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Active Directory Trusts

• 54min

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Modifying the Active Directory Schema

• 43min

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Course Conclusion

• 2min

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Section Overview

Saving Progress...

In this section you will be learning must know Active Directory skills like creating OUs, users and groups, resetting users passwords and more.

By the end of this section, you will be able to do the follwing:

  • Explain the difference between an Organizational Unit (OU) and a Container
  • Create, manage and delete OUs
  • Create, manage, delete and disable AD User Accounts
  • Create manage and delete Security Groups
  • Manage Active Directory Computer accounts (coming soon)

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Points: 202
23 days ago

Thorough, and even better, Paul’s engish pronounciation is impeccable! For once a an english speaking teacher who speaks point for point, no second guessing an english as a second language teacher! No offense to anyone else but Paul, you’ve got no accent! What a learning mind’s breath of fresh english!
I got what I paid for for once! I am not sitting in front of a learning video trying to second guess what teacher is trying to say through an accent, and nor am I drowning in someone’s english accent grammer delivery trying to save my mind from a lack of english accent grammar filter exhaustion, and I’m no longer left in learning pergatory wishing I had not taken the course!. Paul you make learning a complete understanding pleasure to be here! I won’t go anywhere else from now on. I think I found my calling! The best professors make the difference!

Last edited 23 days ago by RickE Ramirez