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Course Introduction

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Getting Started with Active Directory Domain Services

• 52min

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Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers

• 1hr 27min

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Adding a Second Domain Controller

• 1hr 31min

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Active Directory Backups

• 1hr 24min

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How to Administrate Active Directory with Windows PowerShell

• 1hr 58min

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Administrating AD SS (Active Directory Sites and Services)

• 1hr 3min

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Active Directory Trusts

• 54min

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Modifying the Active Directory Schema

• 43min

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Course Conclusion

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Notice of change in Lab Names


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1 year ago


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9 months ago

I don’t understand what you mean by this.

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Reply to  Ricardo P
8 months ago

I need more details. what exactly am I suppose to do before I try to promote it to a second domain controller?

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3 months ago

The is a typo correct?

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2 months ago

When we initialize the new VM Server and name is SAD02, do we say it is a member of the other domain? Instructorpaul (actually I named it ad.lab.com from the start). Basically, do both of the domains on each of the 2 AD servers need to match. If it is ad.lab.com on sad01, does sad02 need to be a part of that domain as well. Thanks!!

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2 months ago

As of 6 months ago your company put out a statement ‘we [Server Academy] will be rebuilding ALL of the videos in this module using a singledomain (ad.serveracademy.com).’ Then indicated a statement that confused and frustrated your subscribers that the primary Domain Controller named SADC01’s IP address And an assignment requiring that to install Windows server SADC02 with needing to be changed to to promote it to a second domain controller.
Also you do not have a date stamp on these instructions.

*Is this still a requirement?