PowerShell for DNS LAB

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Saving Progress...

Saving Progress...

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Points: 856
27 days ago

I did not see any pdfs to download as the videos mentioned with the powershell scripts.. Even the title of this lab mentions it. Am i missing something here?

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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Power Student
Points: 16720
Reply to  dustenm
26 days ago

Hi profile avatar Dusten Maxwell

I see what you mean. Before adding a transcription to the video lessons there were downloadable PDFs. The ones the lab refers to are PDFs from the same transcript of the lessons.

We have updated the lab description by changing that sentence, and we have added the PowerShell commands to the lab as tasks.

Thank you.

Installing and Configuring Domain Name System (DNS)


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Course Introduction

• 10min

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DNS Basics

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DNS Resource Records

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DNS Zones

• 4hr 11min

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DNS Delegation

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DNS Security Techniques

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Advanced DNS Topics

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DNS Security (DNSSEC)

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DNS Policies

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PowerShell for DNS

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Troubleshooting DNS Issues - Troubleshooting Tools

• 1hr 39min

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