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Course Introduction

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DNS Basics

• 1hr 16min

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DNS Resource Records

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DNS Zones

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DNS Delegation

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DNS Security Techniques

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Advanced DNS Topics

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DNS Security (DNSSEC)

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DNS Policies

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PowerShell for DNS

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Troubleshooting DNS Issues - Troubleshooting Tools

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Overview of Advanced Topics

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This is a Brief Overview on what will be Covered in this Section.  

Round Robin and Netmask Ordering

  • Round Robin is a Method of Load balancing that enables you to spread the network load between servers on your network
  • Netmask Ordering – Enhance Round Robin by directing certain clients to a DNS server that’s on the same subnet as the incoming client.

IPv4 and IPv6 Root Hints  

  • Root Hints provides a list of 13 authoritative DNS Root servers, located out on the internet.  
  • Then we’ll take a look at how forwarders work with root hints
  • Demonstrate how and why you may want to disable root hints

Configuring Recursion

• In this lecture we will explore the topic of Recursion. What recursion is and why, you may want to enable or disable recursion.

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