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Course Introduction

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DNS Basics

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DNS Resource Records

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DNS Zones

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DNS Delegation

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DNS Security Techniques

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Advanced DNS Topics

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DNS Security (DNSSEC)

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DNS Policies

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PowerShell for DNS

• 1hr 27min

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Troubleshooting DNS Issues - Troubleshooting Tools

• 1hr 39min

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DNS Delegation Lab


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10 months ago

When would a technician use delegation vs a stub zone or forwarding? Please reply when you have the chance.

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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
Reply to  dewitsc
10 months ago

Hi @dewitsc 

You use forwarding when you want to forward all DNS queries to another DNS server for resolution. This can be an external DNS server like a public one

Use delegation when you want to delegate a subdomain to another DNS server. This can be when having a child domain like child.domain.com

Use stub zones when you want to create a lightweight copy of a zone to efficiently locate authoritative DNS servers for that zone.