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Course Introduction

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DNS Basics

• 1hr 16min

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DNS Resource Records

• 46min

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DNS Zones

• 4hr 11min

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DNS Delegation

• 50min

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DNS Security Techniques

• 36min

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Advanced DNS Topics

• 22min

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DNS Security (DNSSEC)

• 1hr 16min

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DNS Policies

• 55min

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PowerShell for DNS

• 1hr 27min

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Troubleshooting DNS Issues - Troubleshooting Tools

• 1hr 39min

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Creating DNS Resource Records

Saving Progress...

One of the important considerations to becoming a seasoned pro or an expert in a certain subject is knowing when and where to go when you feel you need additional information. Doctors do it, lawyers do, and IT pros do it as well. That is why I have added these links that will apply to the lectures in each section. On your journey to becoming an expert remember an expert is someone that knows things that the other guy does not know. Good luck and best of all have fun doing it.



Links that relate to the lecture on DNS Resource Records https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc958958.aspx 


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