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In this lecture, I am going to give you a section overview of our On-Premises Lab setup.

So, first, let’s talk about What does On-Premises Mean?

Sometimes this word is abbreviated as “on-prem”. On-Premises can be referred to as Software or Servers or anything that you might be using.

Basically, On-Premises means that whatever you are going to use whether it is Software, whether it is a Server, or whether it is a Lab it means that it is installed and run on the computers and servers that are at the same location of the End-User.

So, if we are going to set up an On-Premises Lab that means you are setting up the lab on the Hardware or Computers or Servers that you already have at the location where you will be using them. More than likely it’s going to be at your house, maybe it will be at work if you are able to set up labs at work but this means we are not using the Cloud, or not using some kind of Internet Hosting Provider.

What will you accomplish in this section?

Now, the first and overall goal is we are going to create an on-premises IT Lab by the end of this section.

So, we are going to download VirtualBox, we are going to create Virtual Networks, create and modify Virtual Machines and we are going to learn how to install an OS machine on the Virtual Machine.

So, these steps are kind of a blueprint that you are going to repeat over and over again as you go over the modules on my training platform.

There may be scenarios where you are going to have to create a new Virtual Machine on your On-Premises Lab, and you are going to refer to these steps to accomplish that.

So, without further to do, let’s jump into the section.

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1 year ago

Good Stuff!!!

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Liz M(@lizm)
1 year ago