Adding a Target Folder to a Namespace

Jefferd Facundo

April 20, 2021 • 3 min read

    In this lesson, you will learn how to add a Target Folder to your created Namespace when implementing DFS (Distributed File System).

    Step 1: Create the Target Folder main location.

    1. On the lab you are using, go to the File Explorer. (Simply click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar)
    2. In the File Explorer, right click in the empty space and select New Folder. On this example, will create a folder named “DevOps Tools” under the drive C:\

    Step 2: Configure the permissions of the folder.

    This is necessary to make sure that all users or intended group of users will have the right privilege on the said folder. On this example, the folder target we’re going to use is named as “DevOps Tools”.

    1. On the same File Explorer window, right click on the folder “DevOps Tools” and go to Properties

    2. On the DevOps Tools Properties window, go to Sharing tab and click on Advanced Sharing…

    3. In the Advanced Sharing window, tick the Share this folder checkbox and click Permissions.

    4. On the Permissions for DevOps Tools, by default Everyone is selected. You can give permissions to selected group of people by clicking Add, but for this example we will just use the default groups available. Tick the checkbox for Full Control under Allow and click OK.

    5. Hit OK on the DevOps Tools Properties window and click Close on the DevOps Tools Properties window.

    Step 3:  Add the Target Files folder to the namespace you have created.

    1. Open the Server Manager by clicking the Windows button and clicking the Server Manager or by searching it on the list of programs.
    2. Navigate to Tools and select DFS Management.

    3. From the DFS Management, right-click on your created namespace, and then click New Folder.

    4. In the New Folder dialog box, under Name, type the name you want for your target folder (for this example, we’ll name it as Tools) and then click Add.

    5. In the Add Folder Target window, click on Browse… and select the folder you have create on the first step, for this example that is the DevOps Tools and hit OK.

    6. On the Add Folder Target window, confirm that the correct Path to folder target field. It must show your server’s name and your folder target name. Click OK.

    7. Click OK as well on the New Folder window.

    Step 4: Verify the Target Folder availability and create sample file.

    1.On the lab you are using, go to the File Explorer. (Simply click the File Explorer icon on the taskbar).

    2. In File Explorer, in the address bar, type \\yourcreateddomain\yournamespace\ (for this tutorial, it will be \\\DevOps\. You should see a shortcut folder for the Target Folder you have created. For this example, it should be “Tools” folder.

    3. Open your created Target Folder by double-clicking it. Right click anywhere on the empty space, select New and then hit Text Document. You can name it anything but for this tutorial, we’ll name it as “Sample Text File – Target Folder”

    4. Verify that the text file you have created also exist on the local folder you have created on the first step. Navigate to location of the local folder of your target folder. For this example, it is under drive C:\ and the name of the local folder is DevOps Tools.

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