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Introduction to Linux Server Operating Systems

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Linux Server Installation and Lab Setup

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Working with the Linux Command Line Interface

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User and Group Management

• 44min

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Linux Storage

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System Administration Basics

• 48min

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Linux Networking

• 47min

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Course Conclusion

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In this lesson, you will start the download for Ubuntu Server. Downloading and installing Linux on your local lab environment (on your laptop or desktop, for example) is a crucial step in learning how to administrate Linux.

For this lesson, we need to get the download started so it can download the Ubuntu Server ISO in the background while you complete the following lectures in this section.

To get started, go to the official Ubuntu website, and navigate to the Server downloads page: Get Ubuntu Server | Download | Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Server LTS Download

Click the Download Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS button to start the download. You do NOT need to wait for this download to finish to continue to the next lesson, once the download has started, you're done with this lesson and ready to proceed!

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