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IT Lab Setup

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Installing Ansible

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Managing your Ansible Inventory

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Ansible Basics

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Ansible Roles

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Ansible Galaxy

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Ansible Facts, Variables, Passwords and Templates

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Advanced Ansible Playbook Creation

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Course Conclusion

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Installing Ubuntu Server on your VMs


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In this lesson, you'll learn how to install Ubuntu Server on the three virtual machines (VMs) you created in VirtualBox: "Ansible Controller," "Managed Node 1," and "Managed Node 2." This installation is a key step in preparing your IT lab for practicing Ansible automation tasks. We will use a consistent username and password across all VMs for simplicity. In this example, the username will be "paulh," and the password will be "password123." Remember, since this is a lab environment, we're prioritizing convenience and ease of learning over security best practices.

Downloading Ubuntu Server

    Installing Ubuntu Server your VMs

    Repeat these steps for all three VMs you created in the previous lectures.

    image 14
    Reboot the VM

    Once the VM reboots, you might get a message about removing the installation media. If this happens, make sure the installer ISO isn't attached to the VM anymore, and press enter on the VM to continue the reboot.


    Congratulations! You have now successfully installed Ubuntu Server on all three VMs in your VirtualBox environment. This setup forms the basis of your Ansible lab, where you will perform various automation tasks and gain hands-on experience with Ansible. In the upcoming lessons, you'll start exploring the actual installation and configuration of Ansible on these servers.

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