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Course Introduction

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IT Lab Setup

• 31min

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Installing Ansible

• 57min

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Managing your Ansible Inventory

• 2hr 45min

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Ansible Basics

• 2hr 54min

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Ansible Roles

• 2hr 38min

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Ansible Galaxy

• 2hr 28min

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Ansible Facts, Variables, Passwords and Templates

• 3hr 20min

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Advanced Ansible Playbook Creation

• 2hr 23min

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Course Conclusion

• 11min

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Course Conclusion


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Course Conclusion: Embarking on Your Ansible Journey

Congratulations on completing the "Ansible: Beginner to Advanced" course! Throughout this journey, you've gained a wealth of knowledge and practical skills in Ansible, an essential tool in the world of automation and DevOps. From setting up your own lab environment to mastering advanced playbook creation, you've built a solid foundation to effectively use Ansible in real-world scenarios.

Reflecting on Your Achievements

Take a moment to appreciate the progress you've made. Starting with basic concepts, you've delved into more complex topics like Ansible roles, variables, and advanced playbook features. You've tackled hands-on labs, quizzes, and various challenges, enhancing your understanding and proficiency in Ansible.

What's Next? Further Learning and Project Ideas

The end of this course marks the beginning of an exciting phase where you can apply your skills to real-world projects. Here are some ideas for your next steps:

Resources for Ongoing Learning

To continue your learning journey, here are some resources:


You've taken significant steps towards becoming proficient in Ansible. Remember, the key to mastery is continuous practice and application. Don't hesitate to experiment with new ideas and tackle challenging projects. Your journey with Ansible doesn't end here; it evolves.

We look forward to seeing the innovative ways you'll use Ansible in your career and personal projects. Keep learning, keep experimenting, and most importantly, have fun automating with Ansible!

Best of luck, and see you in more advanced courses!

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