Uploading objects in S3


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In this lesson, we'll learn how to upload objects to the S3 bucket we created earlier.

To upload an object to your S3 bucket, in our target S3 bucket we will click on the Upload button:

image 55
Upload an object to the S3 Object

Now we can click Add Files or Add Folder and select your desired files:

image 56
Add Files and Folders

You can expand the Destination details and view information about the files you are uploading as well as enable bucket versioning:

image 57
AWS S3 Destination

The next options we can define are the files storage class. I will leave mine at Standard since I do not have any specific speed or access requirements:

image 58
AWS S3 Storage Classes

Next, we have Server-side encryption. Again, if you have security requirements that require data-at-rest encryption, you can configure that here. I have no need for encryption, so I will leave this turned off for now.

image 60
AWS S3 Server Side Encryption

Finally, you have Additional checksums, Tags, and Metadata, none of which we need:

image 61
AWS S3 Checksums, Tags and Metadata
  1. Checksums: A checksum is a value that is calculated based on the contents of a file. S3 uses checksums to ensure that the data you upload to a bucket is not corrupted during transmission. Tags: Tags are key-value pairs that you can attach to S3 objects and buckets. You can use tags to add metadata to your objects and buckets, such as identifying the owner or purpose of the object, and to help you organize and manage your data.
  2. Metadata: You can use metadata to store additional information about your objects and to help you manage and organize your data. After you upload the an S3 object, you cannot modify object metadata

Finally, click the Upload button. Once the upload is complete, you will see the summary like below:

image 62
AWS S3 File Upload Successful

And that is it! You have successfully uploaded an S3 object.

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