How to Host a DCS Server – Full Step-by-step Guide

By Paul Hill | November 6, 2019

Overview While we at Server Academy mostly create content based around administrating the Windows Server operating system, we also love to game! One of our favorite games is DCS World, a flight simulator with highly detailed fighter jets and realistic flight models and combat systems. In this tutorial, we are going to cover the steps…

How to Assign a Static IP address on Windows Server 2016

By Paul Hill | October 27, 2019

Design is a funny word Overview This tutorial describes the steps to assign a static IP address on Windows Server 2016 through both the GUI and Windows PowerShell. Jump to a specific section: Method 1) Through the GUI with Server Manager Method 1) Assign a static IP With Windows PowerShell Method 1) Through the GUI…

Central Management of Local Group Policy

By Paul Hill | October 25, 2019

Design is a funny word Overview I received an email from a student who wanted to centrally manage their computers WITHOUT a Windows Domain. Their company was merged and the new IT department wanted to implement their own Active Directory solution – so my student was stuck not being able to setup the new domain.…

Generate Tiled Height Map for Unreal Engine 4 Landscape with PowerShell

By Paul Hill | September 20, 2019

Design is a funny word If you simply want to download the tool click here to download the completed project so you can generate tiles from a heightmap. Overview While we are are NOT game developers we still love to mess around with tools like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. Recently I was messing…

VirtualBox not showing any 64bit Operating Systems

By Paul Hill | August 19, 2019

Design is a funny word How to enable Intel VT or AMD-V virtualization in your BIOS This post describes how to resolve the issue of VirtualBox only showing 32-bit Operating Systems when creating a new Virtual Machine (image below). Fix #1 – You have the Hyper-V feature enabled on your host computer. To turn off…


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