How to run SQL Commands from PowerShell

Install Sqlservr Powershell Optimized

If you want to run SQL commands from your PowerShell terminal you can do so by simply installing the SQLServer module with the command below: You will be prompted to install from an untrusted source. Type “A” to accept and install the module. Once it is complete you can see all the new commands you…

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How to enable Advanced Features in Active Directory

Active Directory Advanced Features

Active Directory includes an Advanced Features view that will allow you to access several items that are hidden by default. This tutorial will show you how you can enable the Advanced Features view within Active Directory Users and Computers. Step 1. Start Server Manager Click the Windows button and select Server Manager: Step 2. Start…

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How to install Python on Windows 10


Python is one of the most in demand skills you can add to your resume. It’s used by Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, NASA, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, DropBox and MANY more places you know of and probably visit online. The list really does just go on and on. Python can be used as a scripting language for…

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How to create Active Directory User Accounts

Creating New Ad Users

In this lesson you will learn how to create Active Directory user accounts. Step 1. Open Server Manager Open Server Manager by clicking the Windows button and clicking Server Manager or by searching for Server Manager. Step 2. Start Active Directory In server manager, click Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers: Step 3. Create…

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Promote a Server to a Domain Controller

Promote A Server To A Domain Controller

In this lesson you are going to learn how to promote a server to a domain controller. This procedure is something you will complete after successfully installing the AD DS Server role. If you haven’t done that yet, click here to learn how to install the AD DS server role. Promote this server to a…

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Installing the AD DS Server Role

Installing Adds Server Role

In this lesson you are going to learn how to build an Active Directory domain an by installing the Active Directory Domain Services role. Domain Controller Prerequisites Before you install the AD DS server role you need to make sure that your server has a static IP address. Step 1. Run ipconfig /all If you’re…

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Active Directory Groups Tutorial

Active Directory Groups

Active Directory groups and memberships are one of those things you MUST understand in order to administer Active Directory. At a high level, Active Directory groups are collections of AD Objects. A group’s members can contain users, computers, other groups and more. Let’s get started! Create Active Directory Groups To create a group in Active…

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How to Audit the Security of Your Windows Server

Security is an ever-growing concern to companies. One of the most critical security measures you can implement is continuously auditing all your Windows network activities. This will enable you to pinpoint malicious activity early and take relevant action to prevent system downtime, compliance failures, and worse, data breaches.  What is Windows Auditing? Your Windows network…

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Install and configure DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)


DHCP Overview DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a networking service that will automatically assign and manage computer IP addresses on their network. DHCP is commonly used to manage client computers such as laptops and mobile devices. It is less likely to be used to configure server infrastructure (like domain controllers or web servers) because…

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Active Campaign PHP API Example

Generally at Server Academy we provide training on Windows Server for IT professionals but this time we are writing about using PHP (a server side web programming language) to interact with the Active Campaign (email marketing) API key. We were recently writing PHP code to create new email contacts with Active Campaign and came up…

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