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What you'll learn

  • How to build a Virtual IT Lab on Your Home PC

  • How to Install Windows Server

  • Administrate Active Directory

  • Learn computer and network administration with Group Policy

  • Automate redundant tasks with PowerShell and Batch scripts

  • And MUCH more!

Course Description

This course will show you how to get stated in the IT career field. Instead of focusing on reading books, PowerPoint slides, or long lectures we will focus on how you can learn start using IT technology.


You will learn how to build an IT lab on your home computer with free, open source virtualization technology, install Windows Server, use Active Directory and Group Policy, write scripts and much more!


Again, you won't be just watching videos but you will also get a chance to try your hand at administrating the Windows Server operating system which is the backbone of most IT networks.

The "Perfect Student"

If you match any of the follow bullet points, then this course was specifically designed just for you!

  • Are a high school or college student interested in the IT (Information Technology) field
  • Currently employed in the IT field and want to learn more on your own time
  • Want to build your own IT lab for free
  • Would love to get hands-on experience with Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Want to learn how to automate redundant tasks by writing scripts

Course Curriculum

Expand any of the items below to see what you'll learn in this course!

Course Introduction

Lesson 1: Course Introduction

Lesson 2: What is IT (Information Technology)

Lesson 3: Student Survey

Home Lab Virtualization

Lesson 4: Section Overview

Lesson 5: Getting Started with Hyper-V

Lesson 6: Creating an IT Lab with VirtualBox

How to Use Windows Server

Lesson 7: Section Overview

Lesson 8: Installing Windows Server 2016

Lesson 9: Active Directory Crash Course

Lesson 10: How to Administrate Users and Computers with Group Policy

Scripting and Automation

Lesson 11: Section Overview

Lesson 12: Windows Batch Scripting

Lesson 13: PowerShell Scripting

Course Conclusion

Lesson 14: How to Get to The Next Level in IT!

Lesson 15: Course Conclusion