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Want to become a SYSTEM ADMIN?


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Join ServerAcademy and become a System Admin!


Most students aren't sure how to get started. That's normal! Our training will guide you to the results step-by-step.

We’ll make you an IT expert. We'll provide you with job-equivalent experience. We'll train you on real servers.

We've taught over 150,000 students in 195 countries. We've been teaching online since 2015 and have produced over 10 Online Courses mainly focusing around the Windows Server operating system and its administration.

Our founder Paul Hill also works full time as a Senior Systems Administrator. This allows us to create training that isn't designed to just help you pass a test, but to teach you IT skills.

What's included?

Installing and Administrating Windows Server $249 VALUE
Active Directory Installation and Administration $249 VALUE
Group Policy Administration $249 VALUE
Mastering DNS on Windows Server 2016 $199 VALUE
Installing and Administrating DHCP $99 VALUE
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Training for Beginners $199 VALUE
Powershell 5.1 Training for Beginners $499 VALUE
System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2016 for Beginners $349 VALUE



"I'm a Systems Administrator and today I have more knowledge thanks to these classes.

It's worth the investment. I recommend this to everyone interested."

Gabriel Terriaga

Systems Administrator


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IT Labs

IT Labs

Server Academy will provide access to real servers so you can get real experience when you enroll in the Windows Admin Bootcamp.

Self-paced IT Video Courses

The Windows Admin Bootcamp offers practical IT training courses that you can take at your own pace. When you enroll you get instant life-time access to all training material (videos, PDFs, and written instructions).


Jason Jacklich

Systems Administrator

I lost my IT job at age 53 and was having trouble getting a new one due to stale IT skills.

My skillset improved massively because of your training. I got a job as a Systems Admin!


Jr Walton

Jr. Systems Administrator

The skills I've learned helped me land a job in the IT field as a Jr. Systems Admin. Now I can focus on advancing my career.

If you’re looking to build your IT career this is the perfect place to start.


Bryan Playford

IT Help Desk

I went through dozens of online videos and spent $30,000 on IT courses before I found you. I got a new job because of your training!

I am hooked and look forward to all you have to offer! Thank you for truly helping others!

Course Material Included


Building Your Own Windows Server IT Lab

Learn how to setup a virtualized IT lab right on your home computer. This enables you to finally get hands-on IT experience!


Installing and Administrating Windows Server

Install Windows Server 2016, configure Server Baselines, understand Licensing, Server Core, Upgrades and much more!


Active Directory Installation and Administration

Learn identity and access management on Windows Server! Build and administrate an Active Directory Domain from the ground up.


Group Policy Administration

Learn how to manage your domain users and computers on a mass scale with Group Policy. Control everything from custom desktop wallpapers, windows security, remote software deployments and much more!


Mastering DNS on Windows Server 2016

Learn to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot a Windows 2016 DNS Server. Understand DNS resource records, zone management and much more!


Installing and Administrating DHCP

Learn how to install and deploy DHCP in a Windows Network. This allows mass automated client configurations. Learn about scopes, reservations, exclusions and much more!


Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Training for Beginners

Setup your lab, Install WSUS, administrate your WSUS server and clients, learn WSUS troubleshooting and MUCH more ...


Powershell 5.1 Training For Beginners

This Powershell course will take you from a complete beginner to an advanced Powershell scripting and automation expert!


System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2016 For Beginners

The fluff-free SCCM course that shows you how to install and administrate SCCM within your network, step-by-step

+ we keep adding more content to help boost your career!

ServerAcademy.com membership is for you if you want to...

Start an IT career

We will help you get the job-equivalent experience you need to get your first IT job.

Move up in your IT career

If you're at an entry-level job, our courses will help you earn that promotion.

Build an IT business

The skills you'll learn here will help you start a successful freelance IT business.

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$47/ mo

Paid annually

Save 18% on your Monthly Membership

Access to ALL Self-paced IT Courses

Virtual IT Labs

Certificate(s) of Completion



$57/ mo

Paid monthly

Access to ALL Self-paced IT Courses

Virtual IT Labs

Certificate(s) of Completion

Lifetime Access


One Time Payment

Pay ONCE and get lifetime access

Access to ALL Self-paced IT Courses

Virtual IT Labs

Certificate(s) of Completion

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this different from other IT courses?

Other courses just teach you the theory and provide you with "information". We go several steps further and provide you with job-equivalent practical experience that will help you both land and perform an IT job. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You simply register, use the training platform until you are done learning and practicing, then cancel at your convenience.


There is no long-term commitment or contact required - you are free to cancel any time you want.

What if I want a refund?

You can request a full refund within 30 days of enrolling in any pricing plan. Use the contact page to request a refund and we will issue your refund within 5-7 business days.

How do the IT labs work?

The IT labs are launched on-demand and through your web browser using HTML5 RDP. You don't need a high-powered computer to run them...only a modern web browser!

How is this different than just getting my Microsoft Certs?

You may decide to go out and get a certificate or two… and that’s great!

But when you get to the interview, and the hiring manager asks about your experience actually installing or administering Windows Server…

All you can do is say “no,” along with the hundreds of other nameless, faceless candidates out there who have the same exact certification.

In our world, they’re a dime a dozen.

Direct, hands-on experience, on the other hand…

Now that’s something that will raise some serious eyebrows!

Do I need to also have a college degree?

College spends a lot of time teaching theory while the Windows Admin Bootcamp focuses on the skills that are not taught in college (building and administering a Windows Network).

A degree is a great addition to your resume when you combine it with any practical experience like what you will get in the Windows Admin Bootcamp!

Will this help me land a Windows Admin position?

Now, yes there’s more to landing your IT dream job than just showing that you can set up a new server and clone a few virtual machines.

You need to have a strong network.

You need to be in conversations with recruiters at companies you admire.

And you need to be comfortable and confident enough to speak with hiring managers for positions that might seems slightly out of your comfort zone.

But none of that works if you don't have the experience and confidence to do the work.

And Windows Admin Bootcamp is designed to get you there in the shortest possible period of time.

What I’ve done is pull together all of the top skills you’ll need to demonstrate that competence and do your job like a pro…

And put them into an easy-to-learn format that you can go through on your own schedule… away from the hectic firefighting at work, fully on your own time so that you can focus and work on mastering your knowledge of these key areas of competence.