Open your lab in Full Screen Mode

You will most likely want to open your IT labs in full screen mode as shown in the screenshot below:

Full Screen

Lab Controls

You can control your lab with the top-right corner of the GUI (graphical user interface).

Copy and paste

You can easily copy and paste between your host computer and lab VMs by clicking in the top left corner: Lightning Bolt > Type Text > Type Clipboard Text

Clipboard Text


The Machines tab allows you to manage your VMs. You can also see the VMs username and password.


This will also be used if you have multiple VMs and need to switch between them.


Time Remaining

In the top right corner you can view how much time you have left to complete a lab.


Closing Labs

In the top-right corner you may end your IT lab. If you have completed the lab, mark it as complete. Otherwise you should simply select "Cancel My Lab"


Please note: If you do not end a lab with that button but simply close the browser window, you may reopen the lab from the course and resume where you left off.


Lab Connectivity

In the picture below in the top left corner, you can see four bars. This represents your connection to the lab.


Window Size

To the right of the mailbox icon you will see a computer screen. This allows you manage your screen options or reconnect to the VM if your connection has been lost.


VM Controls

Most importantly is the light-night icon that allows you to send commands to the VM. For example, you may send a ctrl+alt+del with this window.



Content is used if you want to re-open this help file or find more help information for the lab interface.



Under the support tab you can modify your theme and view connection information.