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A variable is an symbolic name that references a Python object. In this lesson, you will learn about string variables. Feel free to practice with the Python console below:

We can assign a string to a variable like so:

x = "My first variable"

Multiline Variables

We can add \n to indicate a new line:

x = "My first variable... \nthis is a new line" 

Or we can specify them like so:

x = """
This is a multiline string.
You can have multiple
lines just like this!

String Length

When working with strings, it is common to need to limit the length of a string.

x = "My first variable... \nthis is a new line"

Strings are arrays!

You can access an index of any string just like an array. The example below will print the first character of the string:

x="This is my string"

This would be useful if for example if you wanted to do something like take the first and last name of a person and create a username:

firstname = "Joe"
lastname = "Friday"
print(firstname[0] + lastname)

Search Strings

Return true or false if a string contains a keyword:

x = "My first variable... \nthis is a new line"
"variable" in x

We can us if / in to search a string for a keyword:

x = "My first variable... \nthis is a new line"
if "variable" in x:
    print("We found 'variable' in the string!")

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Points: 228
2 months ago

There’s no more lesson after this?

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Ricardo P(@ricardop)
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Reply to  onanongw
1 month ago

Hi profile avatar Onanong Wongjan

These are the only ones for early access to this course. profile avatar Paul Hill is working on more content for it, and we will be adding more videos to the course soon.


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Points: 228
Reply to  Ricardo P
1 month ago

Thank you. I like how simple the lessons are and very easy to understand and follow from someone that English is a second languge.