Downloading and Installing Python 3 on Windows

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We can download Python from the official website

Python Download

Note that you will most likely see a different version listed here. You should download the latest version or an earlier version if you prefer. The exact version you download here isn't too important.

Once the download completes, launch the installer. Be sure that enable Add Python 3.10 to PATH as this is what will allow you to run this version of Python by typing "python" in your command prompt:

Install Python 3.10.5

Once you enable that checkbox, click Install Now. You will receive a prompt to provide administrator access. Click yes.

Once the installation is finished you will see a screen similar to this:

Python Installation Successful

Click Close. Now launch Command Prompt:

Type python and press Enter:

This should return output like that below:


If instead your computer opens the Microsoft Store asking you to install python then we need to remove the built-in windows alias. We obviously don't want to install this version but we want to use the version that we just installed.

Python 3.10 Windows Store

Click the Windows button and search for Manage app execution Alias

Turn off all aliases for Python and Python3:

Now when you execute the python command you will see the proper output:

Python CMD

You can exit the python console by typing:


This will return you to the command prompt as shown below:

Exiting Python 3 in CMD

Finally, let's make sure the the PIP package manager was also installed by running the pip command:


This should return a long series of help output like shown below:

If you are able to open Python and run the pip command then you're all done for this lesson!

Saving Progress...

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