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How to connect another windows virtual machine as a user to my windows server domain?

Hi this may be a simple question but I am having trouble connecting my normal windows 10 virtual machine to my server domain. Both the windows server virtual machine and the normal windows virtual machine are connected to the same NAT network (and running at the same time) and i have added a user as explained in the video "Introduction to Active Directory Users & Computers". However i'm unsure how to login to the windows server domain from my normal windows virtual machine. I get an error that my domain cannot be contacted when i try to login to the domain, do i have to configure TCP/IP and should turn off DHCP? Would be nice to have an explanation as the video skipped that part. Best Regards!


Any time a domain cannot be contacted it's because your client computer isn't configured to use DC01 as its primary DNS server.

Yes you need to configure your TCP/IP and configure the primary DNS server to the IP address of your primary domain controller (which has the DNS server role installed).

Do this and then you will be able to join the domain.

Great explanation thanks!

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