How to Build a DevOps Culture in Your Organization

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations need to adapt quickly to stay competitive. The traditional waterfall approach to software development, where each phase is completed sequentially, is no longer effective. That’s where DevOps comes in. DevOps is a culture and set of practices that bring together development and operations teams to achieve faster and more efficient…

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Ansible Tutorial for DevOps: Automation Made Easy

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to make automation easier? Well, look no further! Ansible is an easy-to-use IT automation engine that does just that. This tutorial is perfect for entry level DevOps professionals as well as IT beginners and aspiring DevOps professionals who are looking to get started using Ansible in their own…

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Best DevOps Tools for Beginners

Introduction In today’s fast-paced world of software development, DevOps has emerged as a critical component of the process. DevOps, a combination of the terms “Development” and “Operations,” promotes collaboration between development and IT operations teams to streamline software delivery and infrastructure management. This approach is essential for organizations using Windows Server and Linux environments, as…

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What is DevOps Automation? The Importance of Automation in DevOps

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In today’s world, automation is key to success in many industries – and DevOps is no different. DevOps automation is the process of automating the tasks involved in a typical DevOps workflow, from provisioning and configuration to deployment and monitoring. By automating these tasks, businesses can save time and money, improve efficiency, and speed up…

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What is Active Directory


What is Active Directory and why is it important? In an organization, security is very important. It does not only cover the physical setup of the company but also the security of their network. The overall security of the organization’s network is a critical responsibility of the Network and System Administrator. Just like people are…

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Virtual IT Labs – All You Need To Know

virtual it labs

What are Virtual IT Labs? We have been overly using the word virtual for the past two years since the pandemic started. Both students and teachers are the common people who use this word a lot. This is not so different when we talk about virtual IT labs. A Virtual IT Lab is an interactive…

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How to Become a Hacker

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Becoming a hacker can be an exciting and rewarding six-figure job. Any product that uses digital technology is a potential target to be hacked – that means not just computers and phones but also your car, thermostats, garage door openers, smart coffee machines, and any other smart home device. That is why ethical/white hat hackers…

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System Administrator Salary in 2022

system admin salary

Before deciding to become a System Administrator full-time, you might ask yourself, what is the system administrator salary and what can you expect? And, it is reasonable to research if becoming a System Administrator full-time will be a lucrative career. But the answer is that it all depends on your education, certifications, skills, location, and…

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How to Easily Automate Tasks with PowerShell


You might know PowerShell as the improved command prompt version of Microsoft Windows, but PowerShell is more than that. It is also a scripting language that can be used for automation, and in this article we’ll show you how to automate tasks with PowerShell.

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Assign License to a User using Licensing Group

In this lesson, we will go through the steps on how to add user(s) to a licensing group in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Step 1: Access Microsoft Admin Center to manage the user’s license. On your browser, login to Microsoft 365 Admin Portal via On the Sign in page, enter your Global Admin username in an email…

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